Trust Care Ltd, has invested in unique AI technology to enhance the safety, comfort and care of residents.

The smart Nobi lights installed at a number of the group’s eight homes, are an innovative and unobtrusive  use of smart AI technology that can detect and adapt to a resident’s needs, whilst alerting staff in the event of a fall.

“The integration of technology into our homes represents our commitment to providing exceptional care experiences, the Nobi lights look like a standard pendant light fitting but they do so much more,” said Steve Wilson, Operations Director of Trust Care Ltd.  “They enable us to monitor residents’ well-being more effectively and respond promptly to their needs, they help provide independence and privacy while supporting our staff to deliver an enhanced person centred care plan.”

AI Lighting

The Nobi lights come equipped with advanced features designed to enhance the care environment. They incorporate sophisticated sensors for swift fall detection and prevention, ensuring residents receive prompt assistance when needed. Additionally, the lights adjust their brightness and colour temperature based on the time of day and resident preferences, creating an optimal environment for relaxation, activities, or sleep.

Real-Time Monitoring

Care home staff benefit from real-time monitoring, enabling them to remotely assess the status of the resident giving independence and privacy whilst maintaining a secure and comfortable environment.  The Nobi lights also give the ability to receive alerts about any unusual activity, ensuring a speedy response.

Steve added: “This investment in AI technology underpins our commitment to innovation and excellence in the care. By combining technology with individualised care plans and staff who have a genuine compassion for caring for others, we hope to lead the way in delivering exceptional care in the region and provide our residents and their families with a safe and comfortable home away from home.”

AI Technology